Is the Sword Fern Inn the same as Dorothy and Mike's?

Yes and No. Same property, different owners. Allison and I are the lucky couple that were able to acquire this gorgeous Inn after Dorothy and Mike decided to enter semi-retirement. But we were left with a problem, Dorothy and Mike's had a sterling reputation and was a well respected business. However, keeping the name wasn't an option because I didn't want to be called Mike the rest of my life, and Allison didn't want to be called Dorothy! It’s just confusing for everyone – especially our young daughters. In the end, we chose the name “Sword Fern Inn” as a tribute to the iconic west coast fern, and to slowly transition the name over a year or two. 

Do you accept pets?

The west suite is available for travelers with dogs. Unfortunately, cats are unable to stay with us due to allergy concerns. Our pet friendly room is suite 3, which is set on the west side of the property where there is less foot traffic to stress out your furry friends. A pet fee of $20/stay applies to help offset the cost of the extra cleaning. We do request that pets not be allowed on the beds, as sheets that are soiled with mud need to be discarded – such a waste!

Is there parking available?

Each suite/room is assigned one parking stall on the property. Additional parking is readily available on the street.

How do I get to the Inn?

If you are arriving by car, we are 5 km from the ferry terminal. As you get off the ferry, take the road to the left to start heading west towards Queen Charlotte. You are on Oceanview Drive. As you come into town, you will pass the hospital on the right side. Just after the hospital is the Rainbows Hill Gallery, a large red building. Take a right onto Alder St., immediately after the Rainbows Hill Gallery. We are halfway up the hill on the left (west) side of the road. There is also a sign at the base of the hill for "Dorothy and Mike's". 

I heard there is a big hill, how big is it?

There is definitely a hill up to the inn. That is why the views are so great! It is 130 m long and about a 20% grade. The views are worth the effort, but if you don't have a car and aren't mobile enough to walk the hill then the location may not be for you. If you need help with getting your luggage up the hill, just give us a call or text, we can't guarantee we will be around but will do our best to help you if we can.

Are you in the Tsunami Safe Zone?

Yes! So if the alarm siren goes off then you just have to remain in your room. This is an advantage to climbing the hill (mentioned earlier).